Thursday, October 22, 2009

Katie and Erik's wedding

Pictures! Karen let me know this week that the photographer for Katie and Erik's wedding, Troy Grover, just posted pictures so I grabbed a few of the flower close-ups. Mark, Karen, and I worked long hours on these bad boys but I think they turned out beautifully and were well worth the effort.
This is what I walked into that Friday morning. A garage full of gorgeous flowers, and Mark looking stressed out.
The majority of the flowers were roses that needed to be stripped before we could work with them. 4 hours later, all roses were thorn free! And I was bleeding. Look at the tulips though!
I love these purple cabbages, they remind me of cabbage patch kids.

We did 8 of these shepards hooks to line the aisle. We arranged them around 10:00pm on Friday in the dark with just the light of the garage in the distance. I think we were all surpised in the morning by how good they looked!

We also did 75 centerpieces, three for each table. Holy moly!
Mark did Katie's bouquet, I think it turned out so colorful and awesome.
The happy couple, Katie and Erik! They were so sweet and easy-going about the whole thing. In front of me at least. Maybe they beat Mark when I wasn't around, which would explain his demands for perfection.

The photos turned out amazing, check them out here if you like looking at wedding photos!

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Nikki Menda said...

Those are beautiful!! I almost wish I was getting married again so I could use you guys! :)