Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Grollers!

Jana just sent me a few pictures of the flowers that Mandy and I did for her wedding and they're so gorgeous I had to share. They scored with an awesome photographer, you can see more pics on her blog www.mariannewilsonblog.com/.

This was Jana's bouquet, held by the lovely maid-of-honor/sister Whitney. We couldn't find the anemones Jana so wanted but we got these look-a-like gerberas instead. The monkey tails were a fun addition, Matt had one in his bout too.
One of the big arrangements that Mandy did. I love the droopy bits hanging down from it. I'm going to need to start learning the names of all these flowers...
This is my husband doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance with the bride. His hands look creepy.
The sparkler goodbye, how fun!

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