Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The weekend in pictures, and a few words

The move crew (me too! except I'm taking the picture. Of course.)

Erika's new laundry room. Sooo cute!
First time I've seen a 1/4th in an address.
The living room/dining room/craft spectacular zone:
The kitchen. My two best friends will now have black and white tile kitchen floors. Double the jealousy.
The owners left her all these rad succulents in her backyard space!
Penny tiles!
Jeff doing what Alberto failed to do.
This is just Phase I of the backyard remodel. Stay tuned.
This was my chore. I ripped up all of the old vegetable plants and planted new ones. From left to right it will be: Mesclun party mix 1 and 2, basil x2, existing chamomile with chives, broccoli raab, and microgreens!
My gardenia babies! These are for the bees. I inherited the love for gardenias from my mom, but hopefully not her skill for killing them. I got two sizes as an experiment. Momma and baby gardenias. The super cool planters were wedding gifts from my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Barnett and our friends Alex and Aikiko Gross. 
My bamboo planter plants are sprouting! The one on the left are Johnny Jump-ups, the middle one is nasturtiums, and the baby yellow one is a surprise. For me. I forgot which seeds I put in it.

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