Monday, May 18, 2009

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Jeff and I got iPhones this weekend! My old smartphone was crapping out on me and slowly committing suicide so I knew it was time to bite the bullet and upgrade to the iPhone. Jeff came with me and threw a tantrum in the AT+T store when they said he couldn't upgrade as well without paying the additional $200 until his contract was up in August. The promise of an ice cream cone after we left with my new iPhone wasn't enough to stop his whining so with my dad's permission since we're on a Family Talk plan, we used his upgrade (which was really my mom's upgrade that my dad stole- thanks Mom!) to get Jeffy a phone too. We both love playing with them sooo much. We hardly talk anymore! It's okay though, because we still text each other. Just kidding.

I got a few really cool free applications for my phone too. One is called Brain Tutor 3D and shows all the brain structures highlighted on an MRI of the brain and you can slide through and see the structure in all three planes. It's the coolest and will keep me from having to lug out my neuroanatomy textbooks every time I forget the connectivity or function of a brain structure. Was that sufficiently nerdy? I also got the Lucky shopping application, Skype,, a pedometer, Yelp and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch applications- all freebies! This is going to revolutionize my life. Jeff on the other hand, got the iFart application. It looks like a piano keyboard but each key plays a fart noise. Of course.

The camera on the phone is pretty great too. I forgot my cable at home today so I couldn't upload my other pictures I took this weekend, but here are the first two pictures I snapped of my favorite subject right after getting the phone:

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-seth said...

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