Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random bits

This weekend we went to the Long Beach flea market and found more oddities. The best was this huge painting of old ladies on a roller coaster. I don't know why we passed it up, it was fantastic (and probably not too expensive). If it's still there at the next flea market and under $40, I want it. Something about old people making funny faces just tickles me pink.

This one was painted by Mical, my boyfriend from back in the day. He said he'd sell it to me so I'm saving my pennies for this one too.

After the flea market Jeff and I went to an open house in our future neighborhood. We found the coolest enclave of mid-century modern homes in a really beautiful tree-lined quiet area of Long Beach, across from the huge El Dorado Park. When we start making babies (and money) we want to move there. Look at this gem:
I love the font of these numbers:
This was a Cliff May Rancho style home. It had like 147 windows. Clerestory windows make me swoon.
The kitchen was small but it was so bright and with those ceilings it wasn't claustrophobic at all. I love the birch wood cabinets with the stainless steel appliances and light blue formica countertops. Who needs granite when you've got awesome retro formica!?
This is where I would sit every morning while Jeff made me coffee and breakfast. 

Then on Sunday our friend Josh came to visit with his girlfriend Monica and they stayed with us for two days. We were making dinner with them on Sunday night when the earthquake hit. Jeff bolted for the middle of the street and Josh The Gentleman grabbed us girls and got us under a doorway. We laughed about it afterwards, but now I know I'm on my own in a state of emergency. Here's a pic of the cute couple:

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Nikki Menda said...

When we had an earthquake a couple years ago, I was doing laundry in our hallway. The earthquake started, and Ryan literally sat there in those 2 seconds and thought "do I check on Nikki or the TV?" He went for our TV, LOL. The funny thing is, I would have gotten "mad" at him if he didn't make sure our TV was fine!

Glad to hear all is fine!