Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Someone up in the Bay Area needs to adopt this guy. How cute is he?? It looks like a Sears Portrait Studio picture. Indy is available for adoption with his girlfriend Marigold at the Pacific Siamese Rescue. I asked Jeff if I could have them and he said only if I trade in Lily Mae. No way Jose. So one of you has to take them.


Nikki Menda said...

Liv! I am very distressed! :) On one hand I am fairly certain that Kitsu will slit my throat with his claw if I bring in another cat - and on the other hand, I want them all!!!!!

Liv said...

You're telling me! I am so close to being crazy cat lady, with 84 rescue Siamese cats in the house. The trick really is to get a bratty first cat that would be miserable with any other cats. Lily's stand-offishness has totally kept me from adopting another!