Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mom Day!

For Momma's Day I made little linen baskets from a pattern in my Zakka Sewing book and Jeff and I filled them with little goodies for our moms and Grammie. I loved how the baskets turned out, and they were sort of addictive to make. I'll probably make about 84 more out of the Variegated linen I bought recently. 

How gorgeous is this linen? I bought this teeny little scrap at a flea market for a quarter and I've always admired it. I turned it into two book covers, one for Sue and one for my mom but my mom's didn't turn out correctly sized cause I mucked up the seam allowances. I was too tired to rip out the stitching and do it over but I will later because this fabric is too cool to waste. 

I love the idea of book covers. You can read your trashy romance novels while pretending to read Dostoevsky and fool everyone in the coffee shop around you. 

These were for my mom cuz that how she rolls.
Happy Mother's day Moms! Love you! xoxo

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