Monday, March 9, 2009

Orla Kiely at Target!

So my friend Gina is kind of amazing. While I was in New York, she was busy hitting up all the Targets in Southern California, cleaning their Orla Kiely displays out. For those of you who know not of Orla Kiely, she is a British designer that does clothes, bags, housewares, etc. in really cool graphic prints. Her stuff is sold at Anthropologie and beyond. For quite a pretty penny. Too rich for my blood, so you can imagine my excitement when it was announced the latest designer partnership with Target was with Orla! *squeal* Back to Gina's awesomeness: She got me a set of the beautiful ceramic canisters with wood tops and the two-tiered pear stand! Score! It was all I could dream of... cookies promptly went into one of the jars and the others are just sitting there looking pretty. Thank you Gina!!

The last one is a vase that was sitting all by itself at my Target. It needed a good home and pretty flowers. I obliged. These puppies are selling like hotcakes so if you want 'em, you gotta go get 'em now!

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