Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner party!

This past Saturday while the boys were at a BBQ/Nike sponsored drinking fest, Mandy and Erika came over and we got our craft on. Erika made a pair of lobster imprinted peejay bottoms with Mandy's help, I made a bunch of little jewelry/gift bags out of fabric scraps, and Lily Mae made friends! She licked Erika's pants and shocked Mandy by letting her pet her. Progress is being made all over the place.

These patterns are so ridiculous. Erika is supermodel tall (like 5'10" I think) and look how long the pants are!! The waist was crazy big too so she had to take them in there also. She used the size 'small' pattern which means that if I ever want to make clothes for myself I'll have to shop in the little people department. 

These are my little bags, made out of leftover wedding ribbon and remnants from the curtains, a tote bag I made, and the new kitchen cabinet "doors". Picture of that coming soon...

This was a little baby quilt I made for Karen's baby shower gift. Mark and Karen are keeping the sex a surprise so I thought horses and denim were pretty gender neutral. The wood hippo is a teething toy made of a super-sanded wood and organic flax seed oil. I bought it from Little Alouette on Etsy.  

Then on Saturday night, Erika spearheaded our latest dinner party and bought the ingredients and brought the recipes for a cashew kung pao shrimp stir-fry and veggie and tofu spring rolls. We found out that an extra 2 boys were joining us so we whipped up a fried rice with the spring roll guts leftovers and had just enough food. Dessert was a delish mango sorbet from Trader Joe's. It was one of the best, thanks Erika and Mandy!!

My first spring roll attempt looked like a water willy and Erika wanted to banish it to the reject plate. After she saw Pete's spring roll attempts mine made the final cut! 
Jerod came just in time to help with the fried rice. It was a team effort. The girls did most of the food work, but Jeff went to town on the dirty dishes so he gets bonus points for that. 
This was the group! Mandy and Seth, Erika, Jeffy, Jerod and Kurtis, Pete and my bro Jan.
It was too much excitement for poor Jan. The Karaoke Casio wiped him out. 

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