Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Noah's Ark

Unbeknownst to my parents (maybe knownst to my Mom because she's heard me whine about it) it has become a mission of mine to find them new artwork for their living room. The piece I specifically would like to see removed from their entryway is a Bay to Breakers framed poster from like 1982 that used to be very cool, but it now sun-kissed to say the least. You can barely tell what it used to look like. This drives me crazy because there is so much beautiful art out there and so many chances for them to hang something pretty that contributes to the space. I blame indifference on my dad's part, and a fear of commitment on my mom's. I'll wear them down soon though. So I just found this piece from an Etsy seller called Bold and Noble and it reminded me of my mission. It's graphic and cool, not too busy, comes printed on recycled cardstock, is inexpensive, and is of Noah's Ark which is one of my mom's favorite biblical stories. AND it fits in a standard IKEA frame! Cool, right?

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