Monday, March 2, 2009

Craft Club and Recipe Club- Together at last.

This weekend my friends Mandy and Erika came over to play while Jeff worked on his paintings. Erika had sent me her mom's famous oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies earlier in the week so I made a ton of them on Saturday afternoon. I gave some away, and now we have none. :( I might make more, and use Erika's term of "breakfast cookies". They DO have oatmeal in them...

On Sunday I got this super great attachment for the mixer that Sue and Grammie got me for my bridal shower, it's a self-scraping mixing blade! Genius! I had to scrape down the bowl a bunch of times during the mixing of these cookies, so I can't wait to test this puppy out on the next batch. I got the blade and some other cooking goodies (a deep quiche pan and a Shun knife electrical sharpener for our knives) at Sur La Table with a gift card given to us by the Melanson's for our wedding. Thanks Nadine and Bill!

Then on Saturday while I was waiting for Erika to come to Long Beach, I made up these little felt and flannel books for the craft club members to hold their needles and pins. The idea came from this book I got in at Purl in New York, written by one of the store owners. I had little alphabet stamps so I stamped pins & needles on the cover, super easy and cheaper than buying the printable fabric the book suggested. I put one in a package I was sending to my mom because she's an honorary member of the Craft Club. I love this wrapping method. Encase what you want wrapped in a few sheets of pretty tissue paper (remember my NYE resolution!?) and run a zigzag stitch all around it. Use pinking shears to trim the edges and BAM! Cool gift.

Later that night, we worked on making invitations for Mandy's sister's baby shower. Kate is having a girl (!!) so Mandy got this really pretty brown, raspberry, and yellow printed wrapping paper that we made envelope liners out of and printed up the invitations in her left over green stationary from her wedding. They came out sooo cute, I hope Kate likes them!

After the invitations, Seth came over and Jeff came downstairs and we all made a really yummy dinner (which I forgot to take pictures of). We had broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and olive oil, wild rice, a broccoli/carrot/radish slaw with a soy sauce vinaigrette, and dover sole with a breadcrumb/parmesan/slivered almond crust on it. Super good!

Thanks for coming over friends!

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