Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joisey Girls!

Last weekend my good ole friends Brooke and Nikki came to visit! It was their spring break and Brooke wanted to come out to see her family so we got them for a few days of fun. We went out on the town in Long Beach, toured all of Brooke's old haunts in Orange County, had amazing sandwiches at Panini's on Redondo in LB, went to LA and saw the Griffith Observatory, Silverlake, Beverly Hills, and wrapped it all up with dinner and Erika in Santa Monica. Loads of fun!

Look at those huge bee- I mean- apple juices they're all drinking! That's like a whole week's worth of vitamin C.

You can barely see it but that's the Hollywood sign above Nikki's head. I should have been in the middle because Brooke and Nikki are supermodel tall and I'm fifth-grader short. 

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