Monday, February 9, 2009

This makes me so happy I want to cry

You might think that's an exaggeration but it's so true. Practically all of the design blogs are posting this japanese masking tape because it is that rad. It's made in the most gorgeous colors and is slightly translucent. And they come in these great rolls of 10 colors (darks or pastels- I got the pastels natch) or a big pack of 20 smaller rolls of all the colors. I'm going to use this to death on my crafty projects and inspiration notebooks (I rip things that make me happy out of catalogs or magazines that I don't archive and I glue them into notebooks so I can flip through them later when I'm bored, seeking a new project, or blue. It's obsessive, I know.). I bought it for barely anything at all at Design Within Reach (finally! something cheap there!!) but I just looked online and it doesn't look like they carry it anymore. Sad! Hopefully it was so popular it sold out lickety split and they'll bring it back.


ET said...
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ET said...

I know where you got this taste from--and it wasn't me!! You should have bought another roll for your mother. She will no doubt be VERY envious (if she can't buy one).