Thursday, February 19, 2009

My next goals: Teaching Lily Mae to clean and exercise

She's got opposable thumbs and this cat can vacuum. If a cat can vacuum, Lily Mae can clean up her own puke.

After I teach her to pick up after herself, I'm getting her a treadmill to lose her chub. Jeffy has been running 8.34 miles several times a week and I walk about 0.12 miles a day, so with two very athletic parents, Lily Mae should follow in our footsteps.


Christy Holmes said...

wow, my cats only hiss at the Roomba. It never gets old watching those cats fall off the back of that treadmill, either!

Nikki Menda said...

LOL! I think I NEED to watch these videos everyday! It would keep my heart healthy!! And I need to steal that cat - it is so beautiful. Of course Kitsu would find then a way to kill me if I brought another cat home :)