Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy birthday Seth!

We had a make-your-own pizza party this past Saturday to celebrate Seth's 27th birthday. We had a good turnout of around 15 people and had a lot of fun making pizzas, playing the Wii, and dodging the rain in the backyard. This is a pic of the pre-party crew:
We went a little nuts with the toppings. I made a pesto as a marinara alternative and we got that pizza dough from Trader Joe's because I forgot to make the pizza dough the night before. The TJs doughs are pretty great though.
Some people got crazy with their pizzas (I'm looking at you Jeff) but I went with the classics. Pesto, marinara, cheese, garlic, and italian sausage tofurkey. Mmmmm... For dessert Mandy made a chocolate walnut cake with raspberry filling that was sooooo good but I spaced and didn't get a picture. D'oh!
Jeff's Jesus fish pizza.:
Not that I should be too surprised, but Jan's pizzas seemed to be the favorite. I got him a salami log that lit his happy little face up.
You can see the pride in his eyes.
On Sunday after I dropped Matthew off at the airport, I got in a cleaning frenzy and had to rearrange the laundry room. I made it more of a pantry and Jeff moved all of the paints and nasty chemical cleaners to the garage.
We also moved the little butcher block table Brian and Gina left us out to the kitchen which kind of made us feel stupid for not having thought of it earlier. It's a great spot for it and gives us more much needed counter space. And now our garbage can is a little more incognito next to the washer. I'm pleased as punch with the new arrangement.


-seth said...

Wooo! That was a fun party! Thanks for letting us use your house. I had a great time! We need more excuses for parties. The pizzas were awesome.

Liv said...

Yeah totally! Our house is your house. The pizzas were awesome but mandy's cake took the cake. BAH! so yummy. Make-your-own falafel party President's day!! Maybe.