Monday, February 9, 2009


My Mate-of-Honor Matthew came to visit us this weekend to take a little break from the '408' and to see our new digs. We had an awesome weekend, even though Mother Nature dumped on us a bit. We went to the Starling Diner for breakfast one of the days because I wanted to try it out and it was a perfect example of Long Beach dining. Retro, charming, good service, and inexpensive but gourmet food. New favorite!
I had the eggs benjamin, poached eggs over smoked salmon and a bed of steamed spinach. It came with a lemon aioli which Jeff enjoyed (he copied me and got the same thing) but I shunned. I'm not big on mayonnaise-looking sauces. Plus it was perfect without.
We took Matthew to our favorite local sushi/thai restaurant Aki Bai Plu for dinner and took advantage of their free sake with two large beers deal. Oh yes we did.
I took Matt on a little driving tour of Long Beach (we would have been on bikes but it was raining- boo!) and we went to a few thrift stores on Retro Row. I kept finding Siamese cat items and swooning. If anyone has $700, buy me this:
These were unfortunately more in my price range. Don't worry though, I didn't get them. 

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Nikki Menda said...

Those pants are awesome and hideous all at the same time! LOL! :)