Monday, January 26, 2009

Ugh, sorry PC users!

I just looked at this blog on my work PC and realized the background color is an awful yellow. On my mac it's the prettiest cream color... Oh well. Back to the non-offending white.

Speaking of non-offensive colors, I bought these really pretty creamsicle colored lilies at Trader Joe's this weekend. There were over 30 unbloomed buds in the bouquet! I spread them out all over the house and gave a vase of them to Gina and Brian. That needlepoint above them by the way was a gift from my mom. She puts my cross-stitching skills to shame. It says "Une maison sans chat, c'est la vie sans soleil" which for all of you that took Spanish in high school and not French means "A house without a cat, is like life without sun". *Jeff rolling eyes*

Jeffy has been working on this Disney characters painting for the past week or two as a commission from his web designer. Snow White in the middle is his wife. Cute!

I think Jeff needs to go to yoga with me. I worry about his painting posture.

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