Saturday, January 31, 2009

milkshakes at the arboretum

January's aren't a whole lot of fun. You just had a month of holiday parties, good food, presents, the works and then January hits. BAM! Christmas present bills come in the mail, New Year's Resolutions need to be acted upon, work has piled up, and it's cold! Boo! I'm always a little grouchy in January but come February, all is right in the world. Love is in the air, homeostasis returns. So last week was still January, and I was having a bad day at work. Jerod suggested ditching out for a half-hour and going for a walk, but all I could think of was milkshakes. I wanted one. Badly. So being the enabler that he is, we went to In-n-Out and got milkshakes. We felt a little self-indulgent and thought we should get some fresh air and beauty while we were out so we stopped at the Arboretum which is just off the UC Irvine campus. It's a part of the nature reserve they have there and it's gorgeous. A milkshake and beautiful plants surrounding me definitely improved my mood. So Nikki! That's my fourth suggestion. Milkshakes and nature. :)

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Nikki Menda said...

I looovveee the neopolitan milkshakes at In-N-Out! Good thinking! I'm gonna get me one of those and then go on a hike! :)