Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm going to New York!

So I have these friends. They're designers. I'm insanely jealous of their jobs. They get to go on "inspiration" business trips, which pretty much just means that they're sent to awesome cities on the company's tab to walk around, explore, shop, go to museums and generally just be inspired to do creative magic when they're back in the office. Not a bad gig. So this weekend when my friend Jen called to ask me if I wanted to join her in New York City next month, I kind of spasmed. I really really really wanted to go. It might have had something to do with the long work hours I've been pulling lately, and the lack of Jen-time I've had in the past year, but it sounded like the best idea in the world. I didn't want to spend the money on the plane tickets though (pretty much the only expense- thanks Levi's!) because I'm still feeling poor from the wedding bills, but Jeff insisted I go. He's right in that I don't do stuff like this often, and haven't been on a fun friend trip in ages, and a couple hundred dollars won't kill us. So I found a good deal online, called Jen, and we booked.

So February 12th I'm off for four days of magic in arguably the coolest city in the world, with my dear friend. We're staying at the Hotel Rivington on the Lower East Side which looks like an amazing hotel (thanks Levi's!).

I'll post pictures of the trip as soon as we're back!!


Christy Holmes said...

oh that sounds like so much fun, I'm glad you get to go!

Nikki Menda said...

Good call on going! I'm sure NY holds a special place in your heart, so it will be great to go back!