Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy late birthday brother!

I was out in Jan's neck of the woods today doing a little shopping for a couple house things so I called him up to see if I could finally take him out for a belated birthday lunch. Luckily the loser was just cleaning his house in his pajamas when I called so he was free to meet up! We went to the shopping mall by his house which happens to have an Anthropologie (!!) so of course I had no problem waiting for him to get down there. We had a really yummy lunch at Ra Sushi. Jan got these little tempura tofu cubes with a sauce drizzled over them and we told the waitress it was his birthday (sorta true) and she brought us a free dessert! It was tempura'd cinnamon gelato with a raspberry sauce and chocolate sauce which tasted like apple pie. It was super good but huge so Jan and I made a good dent in it but couldn't finish.


Jan and his Morrissey hair:

Jan brought me back presents from his business trip! He was in Detroit for the auto show and picked up this Volvo magazine NAMED AFTER ME! Do not just add water to Liv, she will not like it.

And this was from the Ford Museum. It's fitting for our house. Our friends always have to be reminded, so now we'll just point to the sign.


Christy Holmes said...

It still makes me laugh that Mike didn't realize he was your brother for the first hour and even commented that Jan passed up a great girl and let his buddy Jeff have her...

Liv said...

Ewwie! I know, super funny. We usually make it a very obvious point that we're related, mostly so I don't ruin Jan's game. :)