Monday, February 18, 2013

Thanks for visiting Pops!

My dad came down for the long weekend for a little Elsa-time, and our backyard looks SO much better! I was starting to despair, and even applied to be on a backyard transformation show on HGTV, but a good afternoon of yard work really improved my outlook. Everything got weeded, the lawn got mowed, the basil sticks got pulled out, the rust on the glider is gone, the bougainvillea was strung up and stabilized, and white clover seeds were planted in the cracks of the brick patio and around the orange tree. It's back to being a pleasant place to hang out. Next weekend I'll get my act together maybe and replant my vegetable garden. My sister-in-law who works at a nursery is visiting that weekend so maybe I'll exploit her and make her help me.

I didn't get many photos of my dad, but that's probably because he wasn't wearing mint green floral short overalls, like Elsa was. My photographic attention was elsewhere.

Seriously, how cute are these?? Sue's obsession with Osh Kosh rivals my obsession with J Crew, and thank god it does, because I kind of want Elsa in these overalls forever.

Grampa looks super excited to see her here. Not like she helped much though.

Her fashion game was ON this weekend! This little white tank has sweet little polka dots and pleating down the front, and got paired with her Levi's jeggings, gingham Toms and a Liberty of London-esque print sun hat.

Grampa after several hours of yard work, taking a rest on the baby Adirondacks (while I cringed in the background hoping he wasn't go to break it).

And Shalom came to visit! Jude too but all the pictures I got of the two crazies dancing and playing were blurry. Bah!

And if you're not following us on our YouTube channel, we just posted a few new videos of our spazz, here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and felt weird to be snooping around without saying anything. I'm Jeff's friend Michael Abate's wife (Sandy Abate's daughter-in-law), just wanted to say your daughter is, without a doubt, one of the cutest kids I have seen and by far the most stylish girl in the world! Greeting from Seattle! Lulu

Liv said...

Hey Lulu! I'm so glad you commented! I still think it's just my moms and a few friends reading this thing, so it's really nice to know other friends are keeping up with us too! I hope you and Mike and the littles are doing well! Jeff and I are dying to get up to Seattle and visit you guys... we really need to plan a trip sometime soon. Do you have any plans to visit SJ this year? You're always welcome at our place in Long Beach too! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yes! You should come and visit us! Seattle is pretty cool and there are tons of things to do with the kids. Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to CA anytime soon, but we'll meet one day, of that I am sure. Take care! Besitos para Elsa! Lulu