Friday, February 22, 2013

Protective measures

Jeff and I are pretty dang lucky that Elsa hasn't smashed our iPhones or my iPad yet. She's quite the fan of "talking" on our phones, and mimics me tapping buttons on the iPad a lot, but her little baby fingers are not the most careful. My iPad is for work mostly so I think I need to get a protective case for it when it's out at home. I started browsing around and realized there are some pretty awesome options. Such as the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case ($25.74):

Or the KaysCase KidBox Cover Case ($34.99): 

Or the iTikes Canvas ($19.00), which is like a magnadoodle:

I don't know! I'm kind of torn. I like them all. I think Elsa would like the last one the most and has more buttons for her to play with (bonus) plus it's the cheapest, but the KidsBox one is the least ugly. She'll like toting it around by that handle too. Decisions, decisions...

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