Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Funday

The nice thing about working from home on Fridays is that I can join Jeff and Elsa for fun lunch break down at the harbor. We ate at the Yard House and then Elsa tore around the boardwalk and arcade. 

She doesn't understand how these things work.

The guys were so nice, they gave Elsa their extra tokens and all of their tickets for prizes when they were done playing basketball saying that she would enjoy them more than they would. We got her a Chinese yo-yo and a finger trap that Jeff got his fingers stuck in (of course).

She stayed on this for about 2 seconds. We were going to take her on the carousel but after her wiggling off of this thing so quickly, we decided to save it for another day.

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Nikki Menda said...

So fun!! Those face in the board pictures are adorable and hilarious!