Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Etsy favorites

Some things from Etsy that I've clicked the heart button on lately...

Pewter bottle opener from Norway:

Get Well Right Now Dammit greeting card:

Vintage teak cheese slicer:

Brass cat figurine:

Vintage teak bird candle holder:

Teak cheese tray with a glass dome:

Kitty leather keychain:

Crayon truck for Miss Elsa's desk:

Nani Iro little letters fabric:

Gold sideways cross ring:

Leah Goren cat tank:

Leah Goren cat iPhone case:

Mmm... things...


Jan Trondsen said...

That pewter bottle opener!!!!! Oh man, swoon....

Roger Estrada Jr. said...

...but the cheese tray and slicer! Is this because your party guests will enjoy the end result or are you a masochist?