Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy busy bees

So much work! No time for many words, just some pictures of what's been happening around the homestead...

Seriously. How pretty is she?

Until she's pissed. Then she's not so pretty.


But then she's cute again.

Thor and Tyr made some new friends... They were loving on Roger for awhile.

And then when Roger got up to tape roll all the cat fur off of him, Thor moved on to his next friend, Andy.


Halloween was phoned in by me this year. There was a lot going on and I just couldn't get it together enough to make costumes and do anything fun. At least Elsa is too little to know her mom was a Halloween Scrooge this year. I did buy her a sweet little skeleton onesie (glows in the dark!) to be somewhat festive. 


Jerod, Karen, Kurtis, and baby Jude went the whole 9 and went to the Long Beach Zombie Walk. I think this is the coolest family picture EVER.

Milestone somewhat reached! She can sit up alone in her Bumbo! She doesn't flop over but she's not exactly rigid either. We're practicing though. 

And this one just because Jan and I look awesome in it.


ET said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. We love to see Elsa, when she is happy and smiling or pissed and unhappy. We love her regardless. And, I agree, GREAT picture of you and Jan. Makes us proud parents..:-)

Dre said...

I second that comment. The more photos, the better, and no matter how few words you write, I always find myself thoroughly entertained.