Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nursery rearranging

I had to shift around Elsa's room layout a bit today for two reasons. 1) It's starting to get cold so we're back to using Elsa's wipe warmer that we used for about 3 minutes when she was a newborn. She didn't seem to mind the cold wipes back then, but she shivers in the morning now when we do diaper changes and it breaks my heart. So warm butt wipes it is. Problem is that the cord didn't reach the outlet from where the changing table used to be, so that's reason #1. Elongated.

Reason #2 is that Elsa has taken a liking to being disobedient. She thinks it's funny when we scold her Supernanny-style and tell her not to try to rip the 20 lb painting off the wall hanging above her head. We don't agree with that behavior. But I don't think it's stopping anytime soon unfortunately, so again, changing table needed to move.

Because the crib and dresser kind of needed to stay where they are (I am NOT rehanging those 27 framed pictures), I was left with few options. I think I succeeded though, and Elsa seems to like it.

And of course Elsa was locked out of the room for a few minutes while I styled everything for my pictures. She insisted on being let back in though to restyle the ottoman:

*Elsa's adorable outfit supplied by her clothing sponsor, Lynne Baczynski.

**Sorry for the crappy photo quality. I'm too lazy to do anything about it and Elsa is demanding attention.

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