Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things Elsa and I want (Part 1)

Shopping post! These are things we want, buy them for us! (Wishful thinking, but sometimes it happens! The beauty of a blog. P.S. This would motivate me to keep posting Dad.)

A Roomba. I'm convinced we need this, because it took me about 40 minutes to vacuum yesterday around Elsa. Little girl loves the vacuum cleaner, and getting in front of it, and yanking out the cord. The Roomba will discreetly vacuum around the baby. And cats love it!

A clip-on light for my Kindle. So I can read it ALL THE TIME. Even in the dark!

Patch Fox lamp! I want this BAD. Like really really want it. I need to go to Target stat. It's so amazing. **SPOILER ALERT! I bought this after I wrote this post. I couldn't help myself. I told Jeff it was a gift for him and he believed me. It's totally for me.

Wonderworld Wonder Cleaning Cart for Elsa. She can follow our Roomba around and clean the rest of the house. Amazing!

I like the Wonderworld cart way better than this misogynistic cleaning trolley. Notice the "Girls Only" stamp. PSSH!

Dansk Kobenstyle 4 quart casserole dish from Crate and Barrel. Sooo mid-century modern scandinavian cool. It's a classic, and C&B brought it back!

Magic Unicorn Mask from Fred Flare. This would make a great YouTube video. I could rig up a camera to catch Jeff's reaction waking up next to me wearing this in the morning. Gold!

Is there a link for everything on the J. Crew website? Because I want it all. So many good things, I can't take it. The fall fashions are really speaking to me, and they deserve their own blog post. Closer to my birthday. :D


Christy Holmes said...

oh no, now I HAVE to go get the Patch woodpecker lamp for the baby's room! The looooove the subtle tree design on the shade.

Christy Holmes said...

*I love. I'm going to blame the typos on pregnancy brain.

Liv said...

SO great, right?! I love these boutique shops that Target is doing. I'm glad I was able to enable your shopping! You can blame that on pregnancy brain too btw.

Christy Holmes said...

LOVE them. I might even have to pick up the tumblers. If buying a bird lamp isn't considered nesting, then I don't know what is...

ET said...

Will need to discuss this with my "Finance Minister" and seek approval from Travis, so keep your fingers crossed and on the keyboard--if you get my drift..:-)

Henry Miller said...

Don't get the cheap cleaning cart. My friend has it and it is crapola!