Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home Part Deux

Listen Brooke! You and your six words a day need to cut me some slack! These posts are effort. I don't think you realize the wordsmithing that goes into these gems.

Anyways, based on popular demand (my dad and Brooke), we're going to keep this blog roll going, starting with a part 2 of our Bay Area trip, using pictures stolen off Jeff's phone. Here we go!

One of the days we went to Jen's mom's house for a lovely lunch BBQ, and Elsa made out with Chloe, Jen's dog.

First time swimming! She looked too freaking cute in her little pink tulle bathing suit that Lynne got her. I'm pretty sure she peed all over my parents pool though. YouTube video of her first swim here!

We went and saw Abuelo and our family, the Olsens, up in Hillsborough too. They live up on a hill overlooking San Mateo with views of San Francisco. Gimme your house.

My mom is telling me something hilarious or scandalous here because I have that "DO TELL!" look and mannerism going on.

Sue's look here may have been her telling Jeff not to take pictures of her in her jammies and slippers for the blog, but I'm choosing not to remember it that way.

Elsa loved the ice in the beer tub. Perfect to slide down a baby's esophagus and choke on. Grampa was keeping a vigilant eye.


Jeff says it's his mom, but no way. That is Elsa. Or genes are awesome.

Finally a picture of Elsie's buck teeth!

Did I mention in Part 1 how beautiful the wedding in Tahoe was?

Did I mention how we're friends with Joe from Linkin Park and we had seats so close to the stage that we could feel the heat coming from their stage fireballs??

Elsa and Diane Cristina! Both were super excited to meet each other. I'm sad I slept through it!

Elsa mastered going up stairs in San Jose. Not so much going down them.

Okay that's it! Get off my back for another week at least. THANKS FOR READING!


ET said...

Well done, Liv. I knew putting the guilt trip on you would work...:-) And think of the remote family and friends who now can enjoy the pictures and your narrative about your fine time up here. I promise: I will leave stay off your back for a while, but welcome more pictures on the various things you, Jeff, Elsa and Jan are up to down there. We love to hear about you all having a great time.

Brooke said...

Love part deux...checked back today to see if you left me a snarky comment on your last post, and what to my wandering eyes did appear...ANOTHER POST! SO QUICK! AND A SHOUT OUT! I love it! But, unlike Dad, I promise: My six words and I will not stay off your back. :) XOXO