Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garden updates

I think the last time I showed pictures of our new planter beds was back when we (Dad and Jan) first installed them, no? They looked like this:

And now, they look like THIS!

DANG! What you're looking at is three lemon cucumber plants in back growing up trellises, one huge zucchini plant in the middle, and five bell pepper plants up in front. I ripped out our radishes because they didn't do much. They were a disappointing heirloom variety. I'll try again after that zucchini behemoth is out.

The bells are starting to turn red too. I hope the zucchini plant doesn't destroy this little guy. Back off zucchini!

I'm purposely not showing the bed behind the garage. The basil has bolted something terrible so I need to hack it back. The squash is totally out, as are the lettuces, so once it cools the frick down, I'll plant some fall veggies back there. I'm not sure what though... Maybe kale or broccolini? I don't think it has the depth for sweet potatoes so those are out. This chart is neat:

Oh, and a special shout out to Mandy, who kept our garden and lawns alive during the crazy heat wave of 2012 when we were up in San Jose for a week and she took care of the boys and the house. Thanks Manders!

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