Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enjoying the warm weather and the grass.

Elsa's ready to hit the Parker Palm Springs in this cute little mod number Auntie Lynne picked up for her.

She's finally big enough for this chambray ruffle butt romper from Old Navy! Shout out to Jessica (Elsa's stylist) for finding it!

Her hair was so curly that day, because of the dang heat wave. A little bit of sweat and her hair curls right up. Just like Mommy.

She surprised me by climbing in and out of her adirondack chairs with practiced ease. Try to ignore my dead lavender plant in the background that I killed with overwatering. So counterintuitive. It looks like it's drying up, so you water it, and that kills it even more. Bah!


Brooke said...

OMB she's so cute! And I enthusiastically approve of the sudden flurry of posts. Makes me feel like you're not so far away. Love you!!! XO

Liv said...

Thanks Brookie! Know my new secret? I do the flurry of blog posts in one sitting and then I schedule them to publish during the week! I so smart! Miss you love you too! xoxoxox