Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What congenital hip dysplasia?

Elsa just got back from another appointment with her orthopedist, and looks like it might have been the last. Her x-ray showed normal hips! Yay! The sockets were completely formed and her little baby acetabulums nestled securely inside. The harness worked and the doctor doesn't see a possibility of any related problems. Elsa's dream of becoming a professional belly dancer can come true!


ET said...

GREAT news, although not surprising to me, having seen and experienced her impressive kicking capability. So, I guess this means she will soon be ready to start practicing her SOCCER kicks, and I know this guy who would be an excellent soccer coach for her....and he will do it for FREE...:-)

Nikki Menda said...

That's fantastic!!!!!!!!!! So good to hear it!