Saturday, April 28, 2012

¡Dia de los Bebes!

We had Mandy and Seth's baby shower at our house today and I gotta say, it was pretty rad. We had a Mexi/Goth theme, which you don't see too often for baby showers. No pastels here! 69 people RSVP'd (!!) but I don't think that many people came through. Maybe 40-50 over the course of the afternoon? Still a big party! I was balancing the baby on my hip as I was taking most of these pictures so sorry for the lack of artistry in them. We had some professional photographers up in the party so hopefully they'll send some of their pictures my way to post.

I made a bunch of these papel picado banners, and cut out bats to hang from them. It's hard to tell here but it was a mama bat with a baby bat hanging from her. It was cute. Mandy and Seth like bats. It made sense.

I saved a bunch of Elsita's baby food jars and painted them green and then Kate and I planted succulents from our garden in them. Mandy brought over a bunch of their awesome pregnancy photo shoot pictures to decorate the tables, they were perfect.

We rented tables and chairs for crazy cheap at a Mexican party store down the street, covered them with black tablecloths and decorated with the yarn covered vases I made for los flores.

Elsa was in SUCH a party mood! You put a party dress on that baby and she is ON! She had a marathon nap in the morning while we decorated and set everything up (so ideal) and was then in the best mood for the party. She was handed off to a ton of party people and was smiley with everyone. Except Matt. He made her cry. Jana fixed it though.

I don't care what Karen says, carnations are rad. I love them. They smell so good and look at these colors! Plus they're cheap and not at all fragile. I was going to get all We Like Flowers on this shower, but budget and time pointed me towards clusters of carns. I liked how they turned out though.

This was the graphic on the invitation I sent for the shower, spurring the whole theme. My mom embroidered the skull, which Mandy now has framed at home, and I added a bow, a bat, and a gold pacifier.

It was the inspiration Jana took to make her freakin' amazing cake. That gal did it again. Look at this thing!!

SO perfect. It was a spiced mexican chocolate cake and the skull cake topper was sculpted rice krispies covered in fondant and expertly painted. Adorable and delicious. Lynne also made her mom's famous pistachio cupcakes to supplement the dessert table and those puppies flew. So yummy, and the acid green frosting with black sprinkles were very appropriate.

And the guest of honor! Lookin' fierce in her stretch leopard print dress. So pregnant! But still a month to go...

Congratulations Mandy and Seth! We love you guys and can't wait to meet your little rugrat!

p.s. THANK YOU to all the friends that helped put this shower together! Jen, Kate, Jana & Matt, Lynne, Karen, Kim, and everyone that brought yummies!

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ET said...

You guys really know how to party! Looks like you all had a lot of fun and great to hear Elsa also enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing more pictures later. And great that Elsa soon will have another baby girl friend to play with. Good luck, Mandy and Seth.