Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby Swimsuit Fashion Show

It was 82 freaking degrees today, sunny and beautiful. What's a baby to do, other than try on all of her bathing suits and go for her first dip in the kiddie pool?

Swimsuit #1, a gift from Jana and Matt. I especially like the flutter sleeves and belt on the bottoms.

Swimsuits #2 and #3: From Gymboree, courtesy of my friend Jen who used to be a designer there (bummed she quit and now works for North Face! What good does that do me!?).

I bet there was a matching swim cap that went with this top. Ignore that drool chain up above. She's teething! She can't help it!

I kind of want this one in my size. I love the colors. I'm glad it's a little big on her, we can still wear this one this summer.

Swimsuit #4: From the Baby Gap, a gift from Auntie Lynne. It is too stinking cute and if it wasn't a pain in the ass to put on her, I'd make her wear it everyday.

She was not keen on the kiddie pool. It was just a larger and colder version of her nightly bath, except she was wearing a diaper and swimsuit. We'll get it warmer next time.

The straps are so cute, but it was hard getting her into this. Worth it though!

This was the romper she was in when she wasn't wearing a bathing suit. Pretty awesome, right? Another Gymboree score, this time not from Jen, but from the sale rack in San Jose that I perused while we waited for the Hunger Games showtime.

Again with the drooling! Cute buttons though.

Some videos of Elsa's swimsuit fashion show are up on my YouTube channel!

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