Monday, April 2, 2012

San Jose

We were up in San Jose last week to see the families, and had a great time in between my cold and food poisoning! Thank God for my parents waking up early with Elsa to give us a few extra hours of sleep!

We got a couple more of our 4 generations shots with our grandparents. I wish we took off that towel bib on Elsa before I took this picture! D'oh!

Lucky little girl got a new doll! This one is so precious, I'm going to take pictures of the doll and it's box up close tomorrow. Elsie loves her so, she's such a girly girl! It was such a sweet gift from Jean, thank you!!

I died when I saw this picture. So funny!

Everyone ate her up. She was cracking us up every day with her little speeches that she gives to inanimate objects, waving her arms so passionately as she babbles and squeals. It never gets old. 

She was having a ball at Grammie's, giving her speech to the ceiling fan, playing on the quilt, and grabbing Sadie's ears.

I didn't get to see too many friends during the trip because I was sick, but we did manage to have dinner with my bestie Matthew and his fiance Kellycopter (thanks for the food poisoning Ariake!), and he asked me to be his Iron Maiden!! He was mine for my wedding, and I pressured him into asking me to be his. I can't wait! Luckily I'm off the hook for throwing the bachelor party. I was going to plan a spa day. 

Congrats Matty and Kel!!

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Kelly Jeanne said...

Thanks Liv! I'm so sorry you got sick after dinner! I am so glad I didn't ask to try your sushi roll now . . .