Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitties, Jeff and baby

Our boy Thor has been fighting off kitty bronchitis, so he's been a little wheezy and dropped some weight, but he's on antibiotics now (Jeff is giving him the meds since I took care of Lily Mae... it's his turn.) and he's looking and sounding much better. He'll be ship shape in no time. 

My mom is here visiting for the week (SO AWESOME having her here all week. She's cooked, cleaned, and taken care of the baby the whole time she's been here, it's going to be hard to say goodbye!!) and she's such a sucker for the cats. Thor has been on her lap pretty much every second she's been sitting down without the baby, and I think that's sped up his recovery a bit. 

And here's Jeff looking like a model holding Elsa. Hot.

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ET said...

For a while, I thought your mother was keeping you away from your blogging duties, so very happy to see you back "at work." Love the pictures, and, yes, Jeff and Elsa both look GREAT. Obviously, Jeff is a great dad and has great technique in holding her, but looks like he isn't neglecting Thor and Thyr either. But I know he has to fight Jan for them when he comes over, as he told me he is crazy about these feline beauties.