Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was Elsa's first Thanksgiving, and our first Thanksgiving with a baby. This year we were thankful for Lynne and Karen making most of the meal we invited everyone to while we juggled taking care of the baby, hosting, and dealing with a clogged and overflowing sink. Good times. All in all though, it was awesome having a house full of close friends, good food on the table, a happy baby, and a giant bottle of Prosecco. 

Elsa's holiday attire for most of the day was a sweet little denim jumper and pieces of head flair. Jeff thought three was too many so we narrowed it down to just one.

Lynne got MVP of the day. She was a baby whisperer, mimosa maker, chef, and dishwasher and we probably couldn't have done it without her. 

Nice shot Jeff. Not like you actually want to see us or anything. I think he was channeling my Dad's photography framing here. It's hard to tell but that's Lynne, Jan and I. And I'm wearing my beautiful new Moth sweater from Anthro Lynne gifted me for my birthday. It's navy blue and the back is a sheer navy blue and white polka dotted chiffon. It's gorgeous.

Karen and Mark came through yet again and brought this beautiful bird. It was the star of the Thanksgiving table.

And more of the baby because she's cuter than a turkey.

New toy! Karen brought over this new gem for Elsa to play with. It secures really easily to the door jambs and she seems to enjoy bouncing in it. Carrie also lent us a crazy looking exersaucer thing that we haven't tried out yet, but looks promising. Pics of that later.

I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving, and celebrated the many things we have to be thankful for. I know we did.

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