Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zara for babies

Be still my heart. Zara now has baby clothes and they are so dang fashion forward, I'm dying. Again, I want these all in my size. Too pricey for baby clothes (for us at least) but good inspiration for when I start making Elsa some fashions!

I love piping details, and anything corduroy.

The shoes are awesome. Those leopard print maryjanes above would be favorites and the hi-tops below are too cute.

Corduroy leggings!! Say no more.

The leather pockets on this jacket are so sophisticated! And if it's one thing a three month old's jacket should be, it's sophisticated.

The dresses are making me hyperventilate. I want to cancel all plans for this weekend and call in sick to work next week so I can figure out how to make all of these.

The wavy collar? I die.

Okay no. Just no. It's not right for Elsa to be that much cooler than me with her fashion. Cuter? Sure. I'll give her that. But cooler? No.

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