Tuesday, October 4, 2011

San Jose Part 1

We were up in San Jose for the weekend to introduce Elsa to the family and had a lovely quick trip. The flights were birthday presents for us from Sue, so thankfully we didn't have to drive 12 hours with a baby over three days. Thanks Sue! Elsa was a champ on the plane too, just crying once on the descent on the way into San Jose. She was zonked out the entire flight back into LA so that was one more feather in Elsa's cap. 

Friday was spent with the grandparents, Saturday at my parents house, and Sunday at Sue's. Thanks to everyone that came out and saw us!!

4 generations! And Jeff.

The baby was ON all weekend! She gave some impressive performances, most importantly for our grandparents, Noni, Marmie, and Pappy. Everyone said we made a very cute baby (exquisite according to my mom) and Jeff and I were like "duh."

We yet again got a lot of very sweet and generous gifts (seriously- babies are cash cows. Not a good reason to have a baby, but an awesome perk). This Pink Floyd onesie is going to be perfect for our laser light parties. Thanks Mark and Lisa!

The weather was fantastic in San Jose too, so hanging out in my parent's newly made over backyard was perfect. I wish we could have taken Elsa in the pool for her first swimming lesson (and an excuse to put her in the baby bikini Matt and Jana got her!) but it was kind of windy and everyone kept insisting the baby was freezing to death because they were touching her clammy little cold spitty hands. 

Party at Sue's is up next!

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ET said...

It was GREAT having you 3 come up for a visit and look forward to the next one. And I know all our friends and family also enjoyed seeing all of you and meeting Elsa. I volunteer to teach Elsa to swim next summer, and, as I promised, I will also be her personal soccer coach. Got to start early if we want to get her into Stanford on a soccer scholarship...:-)