Tuesday, October 4, 2011

San Jose Part 2

Party at Sue's! A ton of family and friends came through to meet the munchkin, and I'm happy to say that she was so well behaved for it! It was a long day and we flew out late that night, getting home to our boys around 11:30. It was a great weekend, but oy, babies tagging along on adventures requires a lot of thought and planning.

Pappy giving her a bottle. She made him sweaty with all her baby heat.

She looks so little in Richard's lap!

My mom's top is almost upstaging the baby here. It was really pretty. I'm jealous.

Monica the baby whisperer. We dropped Elsa off with Monica for an hour so we could pound a few beers in the backyard.

Hilary and Jack gave us that awesome wood toy rattle atom thing I'm holding. The bonds squish and flex, it's really neat. I threw away the box so it would fit in our luggage and I forgot who made it and the name of it!

A minute after I handed Elsa off to Linda, Jim swooped in and stole her! This is Linda's sad face:

And this is Jim's happy face:

Presents! I swear, it was like the baby shower all over. We were also gifted some money ear marked for a special something that I ordered yesterday. I'll share when it arrives!

Great-aunty Jane and Elsa:

And while we were up in San Jo playing with the baby, Uncle Jan was at our house taking care of the boys. We were nervous leaving the social butterflies alone for three days but we didn't have to twist Jan's arm too hard to get him to catsit. I think the boys liked him. Thanks Jan!


Nikki Menda said...

OMG, I'm soooo sad and sooooo sorry that I couldn't make it! :(

Liv said...

Aw I know! We missed you and Christy too!! Make it up to us and drive 6 hours south to see us.

Jamie said...

Aww, Chris and I wish we were here this weekend to meet Elsa! I think we'll have to plan a trip to LA for some baby time.

Liv said...

Oh please do!! We'd love to see you guys, and I'd love to show off her little baby closet to you Jamie. :)

ET said...

I am so happy you had a very capable, expert photographer to take such good pictures of Elsa and all her admirers. I am sure Elsa will have a blast reading your blog and seeing all these pictures when she is a teenager and adult.