Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost Christmas...

You know what that means... the sewing machine will be revving up to be the MVP in my holiday sweat shop! I'm bookmarking ideas for little prezzies and going through my drawers of fabrics to make them with, but despite my fabric hoarding, I keep finding new ones I want! Here are the latest ones I'm trying to keep my credit card away from:

Lotta Jansdotter's new fabrics!! The day is finally here. Well, October 10th at least. These two are my favs:

Nani Iro fabrics from the Miss Matatabi Etsy shop:

Man. SO lovely, and so many possible things to make with them. The wheels are spinning.

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catnipmeezer said...

Yes, Christmas IS just around the corner. Those are lovely very unique fabrics! I will have to look them up. I love ETSY it is my favorite source for interesting and beautiful fabrics. I have developed an addiction for silk lately.