Thursday, December 16, 2010

So neglected...

I wish I had a better reason for not posting lately, like "I've been soooo busy Christmas shopping, finding, and making perfect gifts for all my family and friends, knowing that Christmas is 8 days away" but it's sadly not the case. This is my busy month at work with a conference in January that I have to organize everything for, and with two weeks off of work over the holidays, I fill up my December work days pretty tight. Plus my sewing machine is broken, which threw a wrench into my sweatshop plans, so you all are getting hugs for Christmas instead.

I have had time however to see all the lovely gift guides and presents circulating through my reader and inbox this month and dang, it's hard not to shop. We're trying to save our pennies for the studio/garage conversion so I keep my credit cards as far away from my computer as possible. If money grew on Linus the Lemon tree though, I'd be buying these crafty gems:

Retors du Nord embroidery floss set for my mom. How beautiful. And better organized than her ziploc bag of half-used skeins.

How adorable are these little embroidery scissors? They're called "Petits Monstres" or Little Monsters. Love them. These would go to all my crafty ladies. Except for Mandy. She would get these:

Wicked step scissors from Sublime Stitching. So goth.

These scallop pinking shears are on my Etsy favorites list so I can buy them as soon as the shopping hiatus is over. I borrowed Mandy's when I scalloped all the tablecloths for our wedding reception and fell in love with them. I'd keep these for me, but I would loan them out to anyone wanting to scallop. :)

This Maxi Eco bag looks deceptively plain, but it's a nice heavyweight waterproof cotton canvas that is sewn to look like a generic brown bag but is so much more luxe. As it should be for that price!

I better stop. This isn't helping my situation.


Jerod said...

I don't know what a "skein" is and embroidery floss sounds like an infomercial 2 in1, but I see rainbows and when rainbows and your mom collide I tend to benefit. I'll go half in on it with you.

Diana said...

Mom says: I will always buy DMC thread because is THE best --look it up, and it's American made, which we should all support. It is also sold in those beautifully organized boxes like the one shown, but really, I prefer to have the skeins, which don't have those pesky folded edges. Remember, I know my embroidery floss!
I love my little gold plated scissors that were sent to me by the Good Houskeeping cross-stitch magazine I worked for, but the tiny scissors you showed are very cute too.

Liv said...

Oh good. I'm glad I didn't spend $290 on it for you then. You have a point too about those creased folds...