Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holy Rainfall!

We're in the middle of huge storm that is just dumping water on us. It's so cozy inside, I love it. And just about everything except our overly watered lemon tree could use the downpour. I went in the backyard during a break in the rain to smell everything and take a few pictures. Here is the state of things:

Our rain barrel completely filled up in under two hours. !! That's a ton of water. Or like 70 gallons of water. Too bad we don't have anything to water...

Our orange tree is ripening! Jeff opened one up earlier this week and said it was tart but good, and the segments were better formed than last year, when we toured the house for the first time and put in our offer! Jerod! Come over and take like 100 of them.

Our camellia trees are going nuts! I like how we have a hot pink and a light pink. So girly.

Our basil needs to be ripped out. And the tomatoes. The whole garden needs to be tended to actually and replanted with winter goodies. After this storm is over, I'm going to inspect our compost which I think is just about done. That'd be perfect to amend the soil and put the little seedlings into.

Keep it coming Mother Nature! You're making Long Beach smell good.

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