Monday, August 30, 2010

Oslo again!

We are reminded often of how lucky we have been with the Norwegian weather. It was another beautiful and sunny day here in Oslo and we took advantage of it. My dad's friend Per, who he's known since he was 7, picked us up at our hostel this morning and took us all of the place. We started with Holmenkollen, the most advanced skiing facility in the world. The ski jump was just renovated and finished last year to be even bigger, and was quite impressive. You can normally go up to the top but unfortunately the elevator was out of service so instead we did the museum tour which was also pretty cool. We learned a lot about the history of making skis and posed with some stuffed animals:

I almost bought this moose hat. I thought it was cozy and then saw how it looked.

Here's the ski jump, crazy big!! From the top of the jump you look out over Oslo and the fjord and it's an incredible sight. I don't know how those jumpers don't piss themselves when they're up there...

After Holmenkollen we went to the Edvard Munch museum (he did The Scream, for all those that didn't have the privilege of going to art school) which was amazing. After that we drove down to Lillestrom which is where my dad and Per grew up. Per is almost like the mayor of Lillestrom. We walked down the main drag and a bunch of people stopped us and said hi to Per (Dad- we saw Jan Lund and he says HI!). We drove by my dad's old house which was neat to see again, and the soccer stadium where the LSK games are played. 

This one's for you Nikki. If the wine here wasn't as much as a car payment, I'd buy you a case of this awesome cat wine and ship it to you. :*(

At Per's house we stopped to check out his garden. Look how cute his shed is!!! I love the green roof. It has a bed in it and is even wired with electricity and heat! Best shed ever.

We went to my cousin Rune's house and saw my uncle Gunnar too. We had vaffler and coffee and shared some broken English/Norwegian conversation. It was really nice to see them again.

After Lillestrom, Per drove us back to the city and dropped us off with his son Tor Einar who took us to a Thai restaurant for dinner. It was really yummy but now we're stuffed and tired and ready for bed. Gotta wake up early tomorrow for the train to Denmark! Will be posting tomorrow from the Hotel Fox...

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Jan said...

I wanna hear more about the Munch tissues necessary, REALLY? I bet Jeff cried a LITTLE.
Awesome you guys saw more family too, and had vaffler! ARGH, WANT. And Solo....even Baconost! I'd have some right now, pork product or not.

ET said...

Very happy to see Per taking you to the hot spots around Oslo and that you got to see his "stabbur" now we need to find a way to build you one like this in your backyard in Long Beach!

It was also great to see you were able to meet with Rune and family and Gunnar.

Hope you have a great trip tomorrow to Copenhagen.

Nikki Menda said...