Sunday, August 1, 2010

I like rearranging.

After careful consideration (of about 4 minutes), I decided the den/sewing room/library/guest room's layout wasn't taking advantage of the large space well enough. So I enlisted Jeffy's help and moved everything around. I was SO happy I decided to put felt pads on all the furniture when we moved in. It made pushing the pieces of furniture around really easy.

Everything was pushed to the walls so we had a big open space in the middle. For hula hooping? No. We didn't use the middle of the room for much except for the blow up guest mattress. My desk was right under the window which I thought was great because I could look into the backyard while working or sewing. It turned out to be not so great because it was so bright most of the day and would back light my computer which gave me a headache.

We also crammed the big wood cabinet with all my crafty goodness into the spot next to Jeff's studio door. It fit within millimeters, so we took that as a sign that it was perfect there. The proportion always bothered me though, with the little blue metal cabinet on the big wall. So here's what we did:

The bookcase got brought out to be perpendicular to the wall instead of up against it, creating a separate reading area with all of our books and my danish dining table. I moved the chandelier to be centered and moved Lily Mae's crapper behind it (instead of underneath my desk which was gross). I also hung the pegboard next to the litter box to have paper towels, the scooper, bags, and hand vac close by. This is what it looked like before:

The blue cabinet and wood cabinet got swapped which looks way better. Those pieces on top of the cabinet are from Jan's high school art days. Crazy! And the donkey is from Tiajuana. He's an ass bank.

On the other side of the "library" we moved my desk to be up against it, and put the file cabinet underneath, and moved my fabric boxes to the side. I like the big window being uncluttered and having the curtains blowing in the wind. I put Lily Mae's IKEA scratcher bed underneath it, to encourage her to jump on it to get to the window ledge. She hates that thing for some reason, so I'm always trying to trick her into using it. 

TA-DA!!! I'm so much more inspired to use the space now. I'm going to have a sewing frenzy today.

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ET said...

GREAT job, Liv. I really like it, and assume we can still find room for the guest bed when we come down for a visit. I am sure the room is now much more functional and I think the lighting also works much better, so hopefully no more headaches when you are on the computer.