Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garden shed

Jeff and I are getting a little more serious about the garage into a studio conversion now that our friend Mark Miller is on board for sharing the space with Jeff. Plus Jeff's style is getting cramped in the small bedroom in the house and he yearns for a work space away from a puking Siamese and the daily house chores. Our first step will need to be emptying the garage out which won't be that hard. We're not pack rats and the things that we do have in the garage that are staying (we gotta get on that garage sale!) would fit easily in a smallish shed.

I started looking at options today on Home Depot and Craigslist and hellllooooo cuteness! I didn't even know about this world of adorable sheds that are available to the masses! These are my favorites:

I can't picture storing our lawnmower in either of these precious little playhouses, plus they're crazy expensive. This next one though, gorgeous for lawn mower storage (still too expensive):

This one is probably my favorite. I love the doors and the window box. Still too pricey.
And finally, the Suncast Alpine. Juuuuust right. And also adorable!! This one might be a little big for what we need (7'x7') but bigger is better right? 

Just in case though, it comes in a wee size too:

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