Friday, August 6, 2010

New sconces!

I've been wanting matching sconces for our bedroom for awhile. We had lamps on our floating bedside tables that took up a lot of precious nightstand real estate and didn't match each other or our room. So I went on the hunt. I wanted something that could be hung on the wall but didn't need to be professionally hardwired, but as such, needed to look okay with the cords hanging down. And I didn't want to spend too much on them. I looked at all the usual suspect stores and couldn't find anything I liked enough to buy. These at Anthro came close, but the price and hardwiring kept me away.

I searched a lot and nothing was right so I stopped looking and waited for the sconces to come to me. And it worked! Via an Oh Joy! blog post on the awesome Anzfer Farms. They're from San Francisco (bonus) and they work with reclaimed wood (double bonus) and they were incredibly nice and accommodating when I contacted them about whether they would do sconces. They already had a set they were working on for another person that pulled out so we swooped in and picked them up! They are chunks of reclaimed redwood and you can actually smell the mesquitey wood! Jeff and I both loved them and I'm really happy with how they turned out. And they were a bargain! They emit the perfect amount of warm soft light to read by and make the room nice and cozy.

A close-up:

I made those bolster pillows the other day during a sewing frenzy when I realized the room was still too girly with all the pink, despite the masculine bedding, and needed another color to tie things together. I think that mustardy yellow is a nice complement to the pinks and browns and gray walls in our room, and I found the yellow linen remnant at JoAnn's for a couple dollars. It was meant to be.

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anzfer said...

So glad they found a good home! Thanks for sharing our work!