Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding quilt

Jeff and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day but we had a really sweet holiday this year. I got my favorite flowers, we went to our favorite restaurant (Pizza Paul's) with our good friends, and we partied it up at the Love Art Show in LA that Jeff and a bunch of his Art Center friends were a part of. Jana even made a unicorn cake for the show! It was amazing, and had a chocolate butterfinger filling. Soooo yummy, albeit creepy. I was horrible with my camera unfortunately but her blog will probably have a picture of it soon. Here are my flowers!

I started Jeff's Valentine's Day 2018 present this afternoon- a quilt made with our wedding fabrics! When I got my Joelle Hoverson (of Purl Soho fame) Patchwork Gifts Book, I got inspired to make a quilt because the book claims the quilt I picked is "really simple to make". I've never quilted before and Mandy gave me a "you're crazy-pants" look when I told her I wanted to make it so I was nervous to get started. I cut out the 52 pieces of the circle this afternoon out of our 10 wedding tablecloth fabrics. I need to find a good organic natural colored cotton for the front and back, but baby steps. This bad boy is going to be an undertaking and I want it to turn out well so we'll have it to cozy up with on our 50th anniversary so I'm going carefully slow.

Here are the fabrics! I'm surprised nothing was stained considering how wild our wedding guests were...

And here's the mock-up of what it should sort of look like when I'm done. I tried to get Lily Mae to sit in the middle of the circle so I could take a picture but she was under the bed, exactly in the middle so I couldn't reach her to drag her out. Of course, 5 minutes after I picked up the pieces, I come back and see this:
On her terms, as always...

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Mandy and Seth said...

oh, i did not! I always tell you that you can do it! it's a big project, but as long as you are more patient than i am, you will do great. it's mostly sewing straight lines. cutting everything out is the hardest part!