Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm taking back the night.

I want a TASER. But they're like $400 (with the laser sight which I also obviously want) and they make Jeff nervous. I want to feel somewhat protected though when I'm out alone, especially if I'm on a walk or away from my car or busy establishments. I don't exactly have a black belt in anything (although I did take several self-defense classes in college- EYE STRIKE!!!) and I'm fairly petite and have nice purses so I'm afraid I might be an easy victim. Little known to would-be attackers though, is that I'm feisty. I will fight dirty and scream and hiss and bite and spit and punch until you die a miserable death in front of me. Too harsh? I'd like to add to my self-defense arsenal though and I'm contemplating Hot Walkers. They are one pound weights that strap on to your hands when you go for a walk, but secretly inside they hold pepper spray! They also have a storage compartment for your keys and some money. I think they sound neat. PEPPER SPRAY EYE STRIKE!! Don't mess with me.


Diana said...

I admire your feisty spirit but I don't like that tazer idea--the bad man can turn it on you! Your best bet is not to walk alone with a fab purse AND stilettos... Seriously Liv, you're scaring your poor scaredy-cat mom!

Brooke said...

Poor mom. And I totally agree.