Monday, February 1, 2010


When we finally do move, we have got a job and half in front of us. Moving a 4 bedroom house is an undertaking, especially when you take into account all our books, wedding gifts, and Jeff's cat figurine collection. I was worried about finding enough boxes to pack up all our stuff, and then even more concerned about what to do with all the empty boxes after we unpack. Not anymore. Rent-a-green-box to the rescue! This is so brilliant, I don't know why I haven't heard of it before. It should be insanely popular. You can rent their sturdy plastic boxes (easy to open and close, no tape needed) in multiples of 25, they deliver and pick up the empties for you, you get them for two weeks, they hold a lot of stuff, are easy to pick up and carry, they save a ton of trees/money/hassle from using cardboard boxes, and they're not crazy expensive! I'm guessing we'll need around 50 of them which would be $199. Totally worth it in my opinion. As soon as we get a close of escrow date, I'm booking them.

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