Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sewing projects

I can't believe it took me this long to make Mary, Michael, and Nicholas' x-mas gifts, but when your sewing room is covered with home loan application papers and stacks of rejected offers, you lose the sewing zeal. I power cleaned last weekend though and got to finishing these up.

Mary got a sassy purse made with my happy IKEA fabrics (yup, same purse pattern. I really have to try something new soon):

Nicholas got a little backpack made with boy-appropriate grizzly bear fabric:

And Michael got a tool belt! As I was digging through my stacks of fabrics for these projects, I realized that almost all of my stash is of girly fabric. What could I possibly use for a manly tool belt? And then I remembered my construction worker fabric. What could be more manly than construction workers?? I also cut up an old pair of Jeff's jeans to use the denim for the rest of the tool belt. Always thinking though, I was able to salvage the top of the jeans to make cut-off shorts so now Michael will have a pair of construction shorts that match his tool belt! Jeff was again all-too-willing to model my sewing projects:

And a picture of my sewing helper:


Kelly Jeanne said...

i recognize that grizzly bear and green cord fabric! its from that picnic basket/tote bag present you gave us a few years back! i didnt know you made that which makes it even more special now!!!

thanks again!!
kellycopter and matty-cake

Brooke said...

Poor Jeffy.